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Early History – Written by Tony Lay (October 2019)

Oklahoma! – 1972

In 1972, Lois Joy brought together a dozen-or-so people - mostly, with no stage experience whatever - to form Worle Operatic Society. Our first meetings were held at Worle Comprehensive School.

From 'Day One', WOS was always a 'family' society and, no matter what show we performed - or, even, how badly a dress rehearsal went! - we have always 'produced the goods' when it mattered, and made a success of it, too.

We always rehearsed in the Main Hall of Worle School, every Thursday night. With the benefit of using the stage on which we would actually perform the shows, WOS was always well-blessed with great facilities.

Our first production was a concert version of "Oklahoma"; we performed this once in Worle School and we even 'took it on tour', travelling by coach to perform it at The Little Theatre in Wells.

Our first 'full' production at Worle Comprehensive School was "The Desert Song" in 1973. Our chorus was enhanced with the inclusion of a number of singers from Clevedon Light Operatic and Bath Light Operatic; long-lasting friendships were formed with members of these Societies and we still help each other out, to this day.

Member numbers swelled over the years and it was in May 1980, when Tony Lay directed "An Evening of Play and Song" that WOS became WODS - "Worle Operatic & Dramatic Society".

The lowest point in our history was in mid-1982 when there was a 'split' in the Society, leaving us with just 12 members but, since then, we've continued - in every respect - to grow and grow.

Up until 1983 - with the exception of our production of "The Gipsy Baron" in 1978 (which was performed on the stage at RAF Locking, due to a nationwide school caretaker strike) - our shows were performed at Worle Comprehensive School and our audiences built to the point that we felt we needed to 'spread our wings', to reach a larger and more central audience.

Our first show at The Playhouse was "Finian's Rainbow" in October 1984. Members of no less than 20 families took part in the show. Since then, WODS have performed all their main shows at The Playhouse.

WODS' junior section, "Spectrum", has thrived for a number of years, the youngsters' enthusiasm and talent matching that of the adults in WODS. In recent years, as they've got older themselves, there have been a number of them who have joined the adult section, many making a success of playing major roles for the Society.

Of late, WODS have been showered with regional awards for many of our productions and the Society's following in Weston grows by the year.

Oliver! – 2017

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Our rehearsal venue is at Mead Vale Community Hall in Worle,
(just off Redwing Drive)
every Wednesday at 7:30 pm.

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