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Name: Sandra Sugg
Date: 2nd November 2019 17:57 (via Facebook)

Comment: What an amazing production!
Thoroughly enjoyed the matinee today - you should all be very proud!
Name: Lizzie Hardy
Date: 1st November 2019 21:49 (via Facebook)

Comment: And I quote "WODS Evita = Epic. 100% better than Regents Park" well done everyone. X
Name: Deanne Willett
Date: 28th August 2019 15:51 (via Nextdoor)

Comment: Your show at Playhouse on 25th (One Day Only)
Amazing. Great entertainment. My neighbour and myself thought it was very professional show, with good choreography and great talent amongst the performers. Nick's voice and rendition from Phantom of the Opera was brilliant.
Please send me details of future productions.
Name: Francis Gates
Date: 26th August 2019 (via Facebook)

Comment: What an excellent show that I and my son enjoyed at the Playhouse last night, well done all,
Really looking forward to Evita even more now,....
Name: Sheena Haworth
Date: 25th August 2019 (via Facebook)

Comment: Just watched For One Day Only, Fantastic!
Name: Ross Andrews
Date: 5th July 2019 22:46 (via Facebook)

Comment: Just wanted to drop a message to say congratulations for Guys and Dolls this evening. I am currently directing Guys and Dolls for Sodbury Players Youth Section in Chipping Sodbury and it was great to see another group do it. We are on in two weeks so we're pleased another version was on that we could come and see.

We loved what you did with the show and especially enjoyed Big Julie and Cartwright.

It was a very slick show and impressive to watch. Enjoy the rest of the run!

Ross and Lucy from Sodbury Players.
Name: Emma Mayer
Date: 5th July 2019 07:27 (via Facebook)

Comment: Good morning, just to say the show last night was absolutely amazing. Well done to all involved. What a lovely evening. Thank you very much indeed. 👍🎉😀
Name: Tania Harries
Date: 3rd June 2018 20:49 (via email to Playhouse box-office)

Comment: Priscilla!
My friend and I were visiting from Wales this weekend and came to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert. I was amazed by the West End standard of this production and the costumes were outstanding!
We both thoroughly enjoyed the show and the Worle group have made a lasting impression of us Welshies!
Thank you so much x
Name: Debbie
Date: 2nd June 2018 18:50

Comment: Came to see Pricilla Queen of Desert today 2nd June 2018. WOW what a brilliant performance. I've seen this in Bristol too and you were on parr with that. So professional and some great up and coming stars in your Group. It was fun from start to finish. Looking forward to your next musical.
Name: Alan Tyrrell
Date: 13th October 2015 06:39

Comment: I've seen many professional shows in London, Coventry and here in Leicester, but this show, just as professional and enjoyable as any west end show, was super special to me as I watched my li'l brother Peter Tyrrell playing the leading lady's dad. Funniest moments of the show – great and super impressed by all the cast.
Name: Kevin Speakman
Date: 5th October 2015 21:29

Comment: Hairspray Saturday evening – wow yet another superb performance which only got better during the show and the finale. Congratulations to everyone at WODS for such a professional production and a special thank you to Edna Turnblad for such superb ironing skills!
Name: Naomi R
Date: 2nd October 2015 10:15

Comment: Fantastic show. We really enjoyed Hairspray last night at The Playhouse. The performance was outstanding and just as good as when I've seen Hairspray in London! The atmosphere was brilliant. I'll be looking out for your future productions.
Name: Val Setchell
Date: 2nd October 2015 06:58

Comment: Enjoyed a wonderful evening's entertainment last night in the front row at The Playhouse. What a spectacular production with everybody playing their part. A professional company couldn't beat you!
Particularly loved Edna, I had difficultly controlling my laughter at times. Thanks folks for a great evening and how great to see everyone leaving the theatre with huge smiles on their faces. ☺
Name: Katrina Kidson
Date: 1st October 2015 22:34

Comment: My husband and I have just watched your performance of Hairspray. May I say we have seen many musicals and this is one of the best we have seen, a tremendous show and a well deserved standing ovation. We will now look forward to your next production.
Name: Lorraine Durkin
Date: 15th March 2015 12:23

Comment: Just been to see the Hot Mikado. What a fantastic performance all the cast was brilliant but a special mention to the main characters who were excellent and such a pleasure to watch.
Looking forward to seeing you in Hairspray in October. Keep up the good work.
Name: David K
Date: 15th March 2015 10:55 (via Streetlife)

Great show I went on Thursday evening. It is encouraging to see local societies tackling not so well known shows.
Look forward to seeing them do Hairspray at the Playhouse in early October!!
Name: Liz Proctor
Date: 14th March 2015 22:42

Comment: Amazing show today by WODS - Hot Mikado - Brilliant and Bonkers! Great!
If you didn't go, you missed a treat!! Amazing talent and so much fun.
Well done all!! xxx
Name: Kevin Speakman
Date: 14th March 2015 21:55

Comment: Wow, what a show on Friday evening WODS transformed the Blakehay into true theatre!
Loved it all but notably Ko-Ko and of course Katisha. Wonderful songs and singing, professional musicians who together gave a wonderful performance of live drama, comedy and story!
Name: Amanda D
Date: 14th March 2015 11:36 (via Streetlife)

Comment: I went to see Hot Mikado on Thursday, what a hoot! great fun and would highly recommend it.
Lead was fabulous, I am sure he will go far. The rest of the cast were such great fun and we all had a great time.
Never stopped laughing!
Name: Jay H
Date: 13th March 2015 01:49 (via Streetlife)

Comment: Hot Mikado
Have just seen this, and can't recommend it enough!
Name: Kevin Speakman
Date: 8th October 2014 14:12

Comment: Wow – what a stage production with powerful performances at last Friday's Jesus Christ Superstar show at Weston Playhouse.
An evening of fine singing and professional acting brought to life Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece – well done to all particularly Jesus, Judas, Mary Magdalene and King Herod and yes the set and costumes can't be overlooked either!
Name: Janie
Date: 5th October 2014 14:07

Came and saw Jesus Christ Superstar last night, it was amazing. Had such an amazing time.
Thank you.
Name: Helen Gilmore
Date: 4th October 2014 20:19 (via Facebook)

Well done everyone. It was brilliant! Thoroughly enjoyed the show x
Name: Peter Mitchell
Date: 4th October 2014 18:46

I saw your Saturday matinée of Jesus Christ Superstar this afternoon.
You should all be proud of yourselves for putting on such a wonderful performance. Well done.
Name: Anne Hilary Phillips
Date: 4th October 2014 17:39 (via Facebook)

Congratulations to the entire production team. An amazing performance!
Name: Craig Bennett
Date: 4th October 2014 10:38 (via Facebook)

Amazing show, really enjoyed JC. Brilliant performances by everyone, principals and chorus and a lot of energy from everyone. Wonderful singing and a very professional set. Enjoy your last performances.
Name: Jay H
Date: 3rd October 2014 22:59 (via Streetlife)

We have just got in from seeing an amazing piece of musical theatre! I have experienced many productions of this rock-opera over the years including in the West End, and loved it since first hearing the LP in 1970. The character of Jesus is meant to be weak, compared to the strong Judas anti-hero, and so often he ends up a cipher. But this evening's portrayal was the best I have ever seen - he was more human, and with an inner strength that made his confusion and doubt even more poignant. His singing technique was incredible for an amateur performance, as was Judas's. Herod too was tormented, and the overall staging and production was brilliant.

This is the sort of thing of which Weston can be so very proud - the amount of local talent and the opportunities to shine for so many.

Do see it while you can - it ends tomorrow night!
Name: Maggie Gittings-Broughton
Date: 3rd October 2014 16:05 (via Facebook)

Saw the show last night, wonderful, very talented cast.
Name: June Charles
Date: 21st November 2012 17:31

Comment: Oklahoma!
Thank you to all who worked so hard to make Oklahoma such a triumph. I enjoyed every minute of the matinee performance.
It was great to see the young ones singing and dancing with such enjoyment and exuberance.

Here's to the next 40 years.
June Charles
Name: Sue McCoulough
Date: 21st November 2012 10:56

Just to say congratulations on your 40th anniversary which my sister in law saw commemorated in the Weston Mercury.
I actually played Laurie at aged 13 in original 1972 Oklahoma production (singing only) next to Dennis Drake as Curley!
Shame the programme doesn't survive, but I was in a floral dress in the group photo, in case you are interested, also in the chorus the following year for 'The Desert Song'. Can't believe it is so long ago.

Best wishes for the future,
Sue McCoulough (nee Bowery)

Hampton, Middlesex
Name: Patrick Dunn
Date: 18th November 2012 11:24

Comment: Oklahoma!
Hi All, saw the show last night and really enjoyed it. Much exuberance on show and the younger element did an excellent job – good to see that the future of the society is in such good hands. Particularly enjoyed the voices of the two young leads and the company rendition of Oklahoma, which was really memorable.
Particular mention to Ann and Nat, who really inhabited their roles, but that is not to underestimate anyone else – Dave's Jud was really dark, Will Parker was great and I could go on… a particular mention for Bob – it was fantastic to see him back on stage and, as ever, he shone – from an audience perspective, we can only hope that he is 'back'.
I was chatting to Mike Hardy, at the interval, and he suggested that this was your best production ever – on balance, I agree with him. It was overall very slick, from the direction, the musicality, the stage management, lighting and throughout the whole company – well done everyone.
Name: Glyn Evans
Date: 16th November 2012 21:15

Comment: Oklahoma!
Went to see the show, thank you very much. What a fantastic evening we had.
Well done to everyone who was in the cast. We have become fans, and will make sure we are there for any future shows you do.

Name: David Kingsbury
Date: 10th May 2012 (via Weston Mercury)

Comment: Dramatic
RECENTLY I visited The Blakehay Theatre, in Weston to see 'Spend Spend Spend' performed by The Worle Operatic and Dramatic Society.
The musical is a about the dramatic story of football pools winner Viv Nicholson who in 1961 won more than £152,000 (equivalent to about £5 million today).
It was satisfying to see the society tackling another musical that obviously did not get the recognition it deserved. When it premiered in 1998 at The West Yorkshire Playhouse it won the Barclays Theatre Award for Best Musical Of The Year and has since had a West End run and recently also toured to theatres all over the country.
The cast was led by the excellent Ann Bond who played Viv and was on stage throughout the whole show. Kirsty Davis as young Viv also gave a stunning performance. There were great supporting roles played by Andy Williams as George and Ollie Martin who played the husband of the young Viv.
Obviously when a society tackles a musical that the majority of the theatregoing public had not heard much about then it is difficult to get the audience involved though there were some lovely and poignant songs that had the audience applauding. Well done once again to the society for pulling off a great performance and I look forward to seeing them later this year for their next show, the ever-popular Oklahoma which plays at The Playhouse November 15-17.
Name: Eric Lawton
Date: 29th April 2012 21:09 (via Facebook)

Doing front of house Friday and Saturday evenings gave me the opportunity to see all the smiling faces of YOUR audience and take on board all the positive comments and I will tell you there were many.
I got a sore face for smiling and saying 'Thank You' on your behalf, but the pain worth it.
Well done all, bring on Oklahoma!
Name: Haley Martin
Date: 29th April 2012 12:13 (via

Comment: Spent, Spent, Spent!
On Saturday 28th April, I spent my afternoon watching a brilliant rendition of the musical 'Spend Spend Spend' by Worle Operatic. Having not heard of the infamous Viv Nicholson before, I was intrigued by the plot and I was not disappointed.
Both Young Viv and Viv delivered a stunning performance, in particular Who's Gonna Love Me, which brought a tear to my eye. Whilst the Bunny Boys in the catchy title number were certainly an unexpected sight, I believe a quick leg wax wouldn't have gone amiss. John Collier was by far my favourite number due to the strong vocals featured within the song.
The entire cast, especially the chorus, as well as the production team should be thoroughly proud for producing such an amazing and captivating show and I look forward to watching their next show, 'Oklahoma'.
Name: Gail Mee
Date: 29th April 2012 00:30

Comment: What a BRILLIANT show – Spend Spend Spend.
Absolutely wonderfully performed by all cast, went to see the show tonight (Sat 28th April) and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  WELL DONE!
Name: Bill James
Date: 1st December 2011 14:38

Comment: Our House, simply marvellous.
Don't usually write on these things but had to say what a truly professional show you put on. Well done to all involved.
Name: Angela Lardale
Date: 28th November 2011 14:55

Comment: We thoroughly enjoyed Our House and were amazed by the energy that exuded from the stage throughout.
First class performances by all involved but special mention to Kate Emmery and Nat Kessel two highly talented comedic actresses who merely had to walk on stage to get a laugh out of the audience. To Bev Priest who had me sobbing more than once with her brilliant portrayal of the long suffering Kath.
And lastly to Jake Fisher, I honestly believed this young man was a professional hired in to tackle such a demanding role. I was amazed to find that not only was he not a professional but that he was merely 17!
I am sure a glittering career awaits him should he decide to continue professionally on the stage.
Thank you all for a most entertaining evening, we are looking forward to the next show.
Name: Josef Weinberger Ltd.
Date: 25th November 2011 12:12 (via their Facebook Wall)

Comment: Worle Operatic & Dramatic Society's production of Our House played to almost a full house at the Playhouse in Weston Super Mare last Friday and, although the curtain was a few minutes late, it was only to accommodate all the walk-up sales at the box office. We have never heard an audience clap along to an overture before, but the audience were clearly warmed-up before the curtain went up. And they were not disappointed.
Congratulations to all involved with this lively and energetic production for successfully capturing the cheeky, fun spirit of this popular show and providing us with a great evening's entertainment.
Name: David Kingsbury
Date: 24th November 2011 (via Weston Mercury)

Comment: This very entertaining show
LAST night I attended the opening night of Our House at The Playhouse theatre.
All the members of Worle Operatic and Dramatic Society (WODS) had masses of enthusiasm in this very entertaining show.
It is refreshing to see an 'am dram' group tackle a different production rather than performing one of the well-known pieces.
The show went on at a very lively pace and there were some excellent performances from Jake Fisher as Joe (how many costume changes did he go through?), Bethany Lunam as Reecey and some nice comical pieces from Kate Emmery as Angie and Nat Kessel as Billie to name a few but the whole cast could not be faulted throughout the production.
It was disappointing not to see more theatregoers on the evening I attended but this is the case because most people don't try anything they don't know or have not heard of. Well done to WODS for a great show and for reminding us of the great songs of the 80s' band Madness.
Name: Playhouse Theatre
Date: 19th November 2011 17:00 (via backstage notice board)

Comment: WELL DONE!
Thank you for a first class show, so many comments at every performance.
"The Playhouse Team" (Front of House)
Name: Craig Bennett
Date: 23rd April 2010 14:25 (via Facebook)

Comment: Little Shop
Well done on a great show, we really enjoyed it and your hard work has really paid off. Enjoy the next days.
Name: Patrick Dunn
Date: 27th April 2009 11:18:56

Comment: Forbidden Planet
Hi Everyone.
I saw the show on Saturday and felt compelled to write, to say how much I enjoyed the evening. It was great to see the Blakehay full, which I am sure will help the theatre and assist in the financing of your next production, 42nd Street. The thing that stood out to me the most is how far the society has come, since the Spring concerts in which I took part, only 2 years ago. Taking on two shows each year, I know, is an immense challenge but compliments go to the Committee, for the direction you have taken, and to Bob, Ann and Charlotte, in particular, who have made it work so well. I could almost embark on a critical appraisal of the whole show (maybe I have missed my vocation) but I know that is for those much more qualified than me. Suffice to say, I thought the show was excellent, from start to finish, and at all levels - from minute one, when the audience took their seats, the whole cast performed their hearts out. The technical support and music from the band all came together to provide a really professional backdrop. The principals en masse were outstanding and the chorus supported them brilliantly. I will make particular mention of Mike Hardy's singing performance, which was really something, and Pete's roller-skating robot which was also remarkable but that is to take nothing away from everyone else, because I could mention them all individually. As for Bev, if you had not announced that she was a late replacement, I would never really have known - a great pity not to have seen Alison in action (best wishes to her) but the depth of talent in the society is clearly demonstrated by Bev's performance.

Once again, thanks for a highly entertaining evening and best of luck for the future - who knows, if the dancing ever gets factored out, I may be back...

Regards to all.

Name: Jane
Date: 26th April 2009 14:41:42

Comment: Congratulations to all in Return to the Forbidden Planet. It was a fantastic show.
Name: Anita
Date: 26th April 2009 14:28:54

Comment: Can I just congratulate all the cast of Return to the Forbidden Planet for an absolutely brilliant show.
Name: Peter (from Brighton)
Date: 18th November 2008 21:25:44

Comment: Thank you for creating productions of such quality that could be performed at any west end theatre.
Name: Lorraine
Date: 16th November 2008 12:40:34

Comment: Congratulation to everyone involved in Me and My Girl.
It was brilliant. Everyone played their parts so well.
Name: Weston Wolf
Date: 14th November 2008 15:59:14

Comment: I normally avoid amateur productions by a country mile, but having been persuaded to attend Me and My Girl on the first night I must say that this was a professional performance. The comic timing of Leighton and the talent of Anna in their lead roles was astonishing.
Name: Joan Dunne
Date: 30th November 2007 (via Weston Mercury)

Comment: Well done all who took part
Three cheers for the Worle Operatic and Dramatic Society. What a superb show the Worle group put on last week of Oliver.
The whole cast was excellent and it was great to see so many children there with their parents thoroughly enjoying the show. I have seen many versions of Oliver over the years but this was one of the best. Well done to all who took part.
Name: Natalie Crennell
Date: 27th November 2007

Comment: Hi,
Can I just congratulate you all on your recent performance of Oliver!
It was an amazing production and of course very professional. My daughter attends Spectrum, so was in the show. I really feel privileged that she has had the opportunity of being part of a big stage production, which is completely different than being on stage at the Blakehay.
Well done everyone. YOU WERE FAB!!!
Name: Kath
Date: 26th November 2007

Comment: Well done to everyone in Oliver.
It was a very good show - Fagin was especially good. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the kids were amazing to be able to put all that work in and remember it all, so well done to the kids.
I thought the adults did very well to and the costumes were very good for the times.
I can't wait till the next show.
Name: Georgia
Date: 26th November 2007

Comment: I went to see Oliver! on Thursday night, it was AMAZING =)
All great - especially liked Nancy.
Name: Kirsty
Date: 25th November 2007

Comment: I just want to say well done to everyone in Oliver!
It was really good fun and it was amazing.
Thanx to everyone
Name: Amy
Date: 25th November 2007

Comment: Hey It's Amy one of the teenagers and goes to Spectrum!
Just like to say well done to everyone, Oliver was amazing! and also enjoyed Curtain Up!!
Can't wait till the next show.
Love Amy xxx
Name: Lloyd
Date: 4th December 2006

Comment: Really, really enjoyed The Pajama Game. It was the first show that we had seen from WODS, and it is left us looking forward to your next performance. We thought that Darren Brown (Sid) was excellent (loved your facial expressions, and singing voice).
Emma Wright (Babe) made an excellent lead - loved your singing and the way in which you portrayed the feelings of everyone within the factory. Also enjoyed Trish Roberts (Gladys) and Bob Gibbons (Hines) who we thought made a good on-stage couple. Thank-you to everyone else in the show who helped to make it a success - we look forward to seeing you again next year!
Name: Charlie Hockin
Date: 23rd November 2006

Comment: Just here to say The Pajama Game was excellent! Really Enjoyed It! Can't wait for the May Show!
Name: Gerry Hunt
Date: 23rd November 2006

Comment: Congratulations on your production of THE PYJAMA GAME.
I came on the final night and enjoyed it so much. My hobby is going to musicals, mostly non-professional, around the areas of Bristol, Bath, WSM and often beyond.
Believe it or not I've been to about 40 this year alone.

I have to say that Ann Bond and Bob Gibbons stood out as far as I was concerned - great double act. Nice to see the 'ballet' which other groups usually don't do and a different slant on the Steam Heat routine which I felt was refreshing.

I have seen numerous shows at the Playhouse and recognised many faces.

Gerry Hunt
Name: Dave Robertson
Date: 6th December 2005

Comment: I saw the recent performance of Anything Goes, it was my first taste of musicals and I can honestly say that you guys Rocked!!!
Name: Christine Smith
Date: 24th March 2005

Comment: It's great to see that you are obviously still putting on fab shows and having a good time doing it. Would love to come and watch you some time when I'm next down south. Hope you are all well - would be great to hear from any that remember me!
Love Chrissie
Name: Doug Tyrrell
Date: 15th November 2004

Comment: What a brilliant show My Fair Lady was. Well worth the trip from Plymouth, will certainly be there for the next one.
Pete Tyrrell's brother Doug

P.S. All were brill